[][src]Struct zip::DateTime

pub struct DateTime { /* fields omitted */ }

A DateTime field to be used for storing timestamps in a zip file

This structure does bounds checking to ensure the date is able to be stored in a zip file.

When constructed manually from a date and time, it will also check if the input is sensible (e.g. months are from [1, 12]), but when read from a zip some parts may be out of their normal bounds (e.g. month 0, or hour 31).


impl DateTime[src]

pub fn from_msdos(datepart: u16, timepart: u16) -> DateTime[src]

Converts an msdos (u16, u16) pair to a DateTime object

pub fn from_date_and_time(
    year: u16,
    month: u8,
    day: u8,
    hour: u8,
    minute: u8,
    second: u8
) -> Result<DateTime, ()>

Constructs a DateTime from a specific date and time

The bounds are:

  • year: [1980, 2107]
  • month: [1, 12]
  • day: [1, 31]
  • hour: [0, 23]
  • minute: [0, 59]
  • second: [0, 60]

pub fn from_time(tm: Tm) -> Result<DateTime, ()>[src]

Converts a ::time::Tm object to a DateTime

Returns Err when this object is out of bounds

pub fn timepart(&self) -> u16[src]

Gets the time portion of this datetime in the msdos representation

pub fn datepart(&self) -> u16[src]

Gets the date portion of this datetime in the msdos representation

pub fn to_time(&self) -> Tm[src]

Converts the datetime to a Tm structure

The fields tm_wday, tm_yday, tm_utcoff and tm_nsec are set to their defaults.

pub fn year(&self) -> u16[src]

Get the year. There is no epoch, i.e. 2018 will be returned as 2018.

pub fn month(&self) -> u8[src]

Get the month, where 1 = january and 12 = december

pub fn day(&self) -> u8[src]

Get the day

pub fn hour(&self) -> u8[src]

Get the hour

pub fn minute(&self) -> u8[src]

Get the minute

pub fn second(&self) -> u8[src]

Get the second

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for DateTime[src]

impl Copy for DateTime[src]

impl Debug for DateTime[src]

impl Default for DateTime[src]

fn default() -> DateTime[src]

Constructs an 'default' datetime of 1980-01-01 00:00:00

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for DateTime

impl Send for DateTime

impl Sync for DateTime

impl Unpin for DateTime

impl UnwindSafe for DateTime

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